Three Tips To Pick The Perfect Gucci Belt

A selection of belts are a must for every closet and Gucci produces some of the most beautiful designer belts. Timeless, classic, and chic, there is a Gucci belt for every occasion. But with so many options, how can you pick the right belt for you? With these three simple tips, you will be able to identify the perfect belt for your needs and style.

Where are you going? A secret to a well-organized look is knowing your audience. You probably don’t want to walk into a conference meeting with a logo belt slung around your hips. Something perfect for a vacation or flashy evening event, may not be the ideal choice for the boardroom. When in doubt, a classic leather Gucci belt can suit multiple occasions.

What is your style? Look at your closet. Always remember, you want to buy a belt to fit your closet, not build your closet around your belt. Do you favor classic conservative styles? Maybe a bejeweled Gucci belt is not the best choice for you. Are you more eclectic or experimental? Maybe a brightly colored snakeskin will fit right in. The last thing you want to do is buy a belt for the clothes you wish you wore, and not the clothes you actually do.

To trend or not to trend? Are you looking for long term wearability? Choose a classic Gucci belt. Think rich leathers and minimal accouterments. Looking for up to date cool? Look to the runways. Gucci’s spring 2017 ready to wear collection was full of richly colored clothes and 70s pop culture references. There’s tons of inspiration to be found there.

Whatever your lifestyle, whatever your taste, there is a beautiful Gucci belt waiting for you. Asking yourself these questions will help you choose a belt that will blend seamlessly into your wardrobe, totally you but a bit chicer.